Regent Brands - Part 2

In part one of our Regent Brands blog series, we covered all the clothing brands we stock and why we love them. In this edition, we're diving into everything else - from coffee to umbrellas we have a range of homewares, accessories and other products that you shouldn't be without that can make perfect gifts this Christmas. We want to stock something for everyone and it's part of our ethos that we supply a range of products, not just clothing.


We wanted to stock coffee for a long time - it's a big part of people's daily lives. Jason spent a day at a coffee roaster located near Shaftesbury exploring different beans. This specially selected blend is crafted Jason's personal taste and we hope you like it too!

Vinyl records

Since Regent was founded, music has been an important part of our store. Playing what we love (and what gets us through the day). After years and years of people asking us about what we had on we knew we had to start stocking a curated collection of our favourite tunes for our customers to buy.

We have always sold books - mainly as gifts for Christmas - on topics like cycling and gardening. Over time, some of our customers dropped in copies of their own books and this has grown organically into our ever expanding library.


We stock a selection of enamelware products. For us, it reminded us of camping trips when we were young. They're great for the outdoors, have an iconic design and can be kept for donkey's years!

Albert Thurston

There's only really one maker of braces that's worth buying and its these English manufactured items. Jason has sold these since he was 21 and through that longstanding relationship we collaborated with them to produce a special joint branded product.

Jason used to work next to a camera shop and was first introduced to the quality of Billingham then. The brand evolved into producing an everyday bag and we wanted to stock it. We've written about Jason's love affair with Billingham before here.


Long before it was the norm, Jason has always had water bottle on hand. Most were absolutely terrible. Camelbak are great for the environment and better quality than anything else we've encountered. We think one of these is one of the best investments you can make.

We've stocked Christy's hats since the very beginning. The foldaway fedora is something we think certain customers 'need' in their life.

We've played with lots of sunglasses over the years and couldn't find the style that we liked. Cubitts has a very good reputation - they're good quality at a good price point and are designed in a style we love.

Dapper Dan
The story as to how we came to stock this brand is a funny one. Jason loves the film 'O Brother Where for Art Thou' and George Clooney's character always uses Dapper Dan. We were introduced to the product by a customer who knew someone who worked for them! It's not too expensive, makes an easy present and forms part or our grooming range.

These classic slippers are from Glastonbury. When we find a decent local brand - we have to stock it!


Arguably one of the best umbrellas on the market. They feature a wooden shaft, making them sturdier than your average umbrella and can double as a walking stick. This is another brand we have collaborated with to produce a Regent branded product.

Another umbrella brand but this one carries the honour of a Royal Warran. Very reasonably priced for their quality.


Everyone needs a decent pen! These German-made writing tools are excellent quality and balance. We also think they're a very good price too.


We were first introduced to this brand through making clothes for military personnel. Some customers were bringing n cloth made by Lochcarron and we noticed that they have other good products. Most scarves we buy are inspired by Scottish clan tartans.

We wanted to find something that would make an easy present for our customers. We really rate these multifunction tools. Trust us, they're worth it. 


Many of our customers love their gardening and so we wanted cater for them with a range of excellent tools at a good price. While they are Japanese made, the brand itself is based locally - we make suits for Jake who introduced us to Niwaki.

Rite in the Rain
We were really impressed that the product does what it says. Used by the British Army, this is a great product that does exactly what it says.


You can't beat Saphir polish for the price. They use natural products, which are better for the environment. If you want to look good you need to care for your shoes.

You can't beat Stanley products for their robustness and reliability. Jason grew up with Stanley. Having a reusable product like this is good for the environment too.

Truefitt & Hill

Part of our grooming range. Truefitt & Hill comes from one of the oldest barbers in St James Place, founded in 1805 with massive heritage. We had to get a classic fragrance and their scents fit the bill with a contemporary twist - just like us! Don't just take our word for it though, come and have a whiff and see what you think!

These English made leather satchels are another product Jason has used himself for a very long time. Great quality.


Let's be honest, everyone wanted a Swiss army knife when they were growing up. Need we say more?


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