Fashion & Film: An American Werewolf in London

In the first post of a new series on the ways fashion and film bleed into each other (quite literally, in this case), we explore the 1981 British-American crossover cult classic directed by John Landis, taking at look at the outfits from the famous opening scene. Come with us on a walk across the moor and find out what outdoor garments might protect you against the biting winter weather… and any other ‘biting’ winter surprises there might be in store.

David’s Ivy League Look

What marks David out is the smart white collar and blue sweater combo that peeks out from under his red jacket. Distinguishing him as a true Ivy Leaguer, this classic combo is a great way to stay smart and proves that you don’t have to relinquish every part of your style when out hiking or backpacking. Regent run a fine variety of navy crew necks: we’ve got Cashmere, Merino Wool or Geelong Lambswool for extra warmth and comfort and varying thickness, whilst we also stock Shetland Woolen Co.’s ‘Shaggy Dog’ Navy Crew Neck – who knows, perhaps the werewolf would mistake you for one of his own with that one on…? Meanwhile, you can’t go wrong with a White Oxford Button-Down to accompany. A timeless look achievable with two garments, you’ll be ready for anything with this look. Well, almost anything: we can’t vouchsafe this shirt as wolf-proof.

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