Buy Your Own Cloth

Buy Your Own Cloth

Reel Potential

We sell a range of beautiful luxury cloth by reels of varying lengths for the discerning customer who’d like to invest in the material for use at their leisure, or who is after a bespoke cut-make-trim job. These cloths stand for potential, and we offer them because we know many people like seeing a reel as a chance to invest and create their vision from scratch. A reel can yield anything from an entire two-piece suit to a set of flat caps for use on an estate or by a groom’s party; a couple of smart skirts for work or leisure, or even a set of cushions or pillows. Buying in bulk like this, and bringing the cloth to your tailor or seamstress, can save a good deal of money in the long run.

The cloth we sell is the finest and most luxurious material from some of the UK's most prestigious mills. In our collection you'll find W. Bill of Shetland Tweed fame, the unbeatable and world-renowned Lovat Mill, elements from the Porter & Harding collection of Harrison's, as well as true Scottish and Martin Mills tweed.

Questions, Answers

If you have any queries, if you’re looking for inspiration or counsel on what to do with your cloth, or if you’re keen on something you see in our cloth collection, but want further advice or inspiration on what exactly might be done with it, please don’t hesitate to get in touch below.

To give you an idea of how far cloth tends to go, see below for a list of average cloth amounts for average (Size 42) garments as an indication for bespoke orders:

Suit Jacket: 1.89M

Trousers: 1.6M

Two pairs of Trousers: 3.16M 

Waistcoat: 0.76M 

Two-Piece Suit: 3.39M 

Three-Piece Suit: 3.81M 

Overcoat: 2.99M