Regent Brands - Part 1

Our vision for Regent is to provide a sort of 'mini department store' - a one step shop with an independent heart. Traditionally, our clothing has been geared more towards men, though in recent years we have branched out to women's clothing also.

We want to give our customers what they need for everything from for weddings and interviews to exploring the great outdoors (and, of course, all the stuff in-between).

 The brands we stock are designed to fill the gaps that our own Regent brand doesn't cover. It's all very carefully curated and we love every single of them. 

 If you're interested to know more about each of them, why we have them and why we think they're great - you're in the right place!

Aran Crafts

A knitwear company that steeped in history, making exquisite traditional handmade items. We were keen to have a brand that gave a nod to Jason's Irish roots and Aran Crafts fit the bill. 


Jason used to wear Clarks originals desert boots but wasn't able to stock them in store so he started looking for something a little more special. The Astorflex desert boot is made in Italy and oozes quality. They're very popular among fashion aficionados. 


The British-made G9 Harrington is beyond iconic. It has a special place in the history of both fashion and music. Worn by the likes of Elvis, McQueen and Monroe.


Edwin is the home of selvedge denim. This Japanese producer creates beautiful jeans (as well as other wonderful items too). Selvedge denim is high quality, harder to produce and usually sold raw - so the denim will fade with time giving it a personal character. We find that Edwin keeps us in the loop with fashion. It's usually at the cutting edge and one of the early adopters for new trends.  

Far Afield

This English brand are ethical at their core. With every item, you know where its made - mainly in Europe - and even the bags to comes in are compostable. Far Afield tend to lead the pack when it comes to fashion trends.  


Jason says that Filson appeals to his 'hidden cowboy'. We needed to get their Mackinaw in the store, so it was a no brainer to sell the brand! A true blue American brand with an ethical heart.  


We like to supply garments to cover all eventualities so we wanted a brand that was technically sound but also has an ethical background. Fjallraven fulfil that with ease. They offer a full repair service for all their items and really think about where they get stuff made.


The Churchill Reefer and the Monty Duffle coat are things of beauty. Originated by Gloverall, this ex-military supplier has been worn by the likes of Bowie and Churchill. 


This is a high quality French brand with Parisian style. They choose really excellent  quality fabrics for all their garments.

Joseph Cheaney

We have a very close relationship with Joseph Cheaney and can source any shoe from their range - not just what's in store.  


Lee is a new brand to us. We kept seeing lots of nice ranges from them and are thrilled to be stocking their prestigious 101 range. 

Ludwig Reiter

When Jason first started business he wanted to stock a quality trainer. This was Jason's favourite brand and have been with us ever since. We are due to work in collaboration with them on an exciting project. 


We first met the team at McAlson at a show called Jacket Required and loved their ethos. They have fun but make great boxers with a secret inside. 

Merz B. Schwanen

This brand aren't very well known but are featured in the TV series 'The Bear'. They basics that are anything but basic. For example, their T-shirt made on one loop, meaning their are no seams for a high quality finish. Really worth checking out. 

Panatherella / Scott-Nichol

These are the last English made sock manufacturer. They feature a hand linked toe, a technique that leads to a smoother, flat seam for a more comfortable fit. 


We wanted to find knitwear with traditional fisherman's feel to complement other brands. Peregrine is still made in the north of England. They offer something a little bit different while still remaining traditional at heart.

Portuguese Flannel

There's nothing to say about Portuguese Flannel except that they are 100% perfect shirts. A family run business, made in Portugal. The brand speaks for itself.

Red Wing 

Worm by the likes of McQueen and Beckham, Red Wing have that Shoreditch look when worn with selvedge denim jeans. They are steeped in history and with proper care, last for years and years!


We actually went to buy a different brand when we saw this product and immediately fell in love! They use old sock making methods and revive them, leading to the kind of quality you only get from the olden days!


A lot of our customers already had Sebagos, so obviously we needed to get the deck shoe in! They offer a lot of variety to this classic style. 


We noticed a trend that bike brands were becoming popular. Jason rides a Triumph and wanted to find an English motorbike brand in a nod to his uncle who rode for Norton. Jason often attends the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride - a annual ride raising money for charity. 


The traditional cowboys jean. Jason grew up with this brand and they offer great quality at a great price. 

Yarmouth Oilskins

There's something patently cool about the mariner/fisherman look and we were blown away by this brand when we saw it. British made. Practical and stylish. It's a just a great brand. 

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