Buying a suit with Regent

How does buying a suit work right now at Regent?

A simple and up-to-date guide on how to buy a suit with us this summer. We’ll talk you through what’ll happen, what the process will be like, and the kinds of options you have.

Suit Up for the Summer

OK, so the 21st June deadline didn’t go exactly to plan. But there’s still a summer to be had, weddings are still going ahead, and many people are getting in touch with us about suits.

A suit for the summer - for weddings, work, parties - is a must have. There are other great options - waistcoats work wonders to keep you cooler and still smart-looking - but suits are still in high demand.

Many people are so bored with High Street companies like Moss Bros - and for good reason! On your wedding day, you want something distinct, unique and special. And this doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank, especially when you’re buying off-the-peg.

With the summer hotting up, we thought we’d put out this blog to update everyone and give an indicator of how it works here at Regent. This is important because if you want a bespoke suit, you need to know how long it will take, especially if you’re ordering one in time for a wedding. 

In this blog we’ll cover the various options you have here at Regent, from Made-to-Measure and Bespoke to Off-the-Peg. We’ll talk you through what each one means and how much time each one should take, so you have an idea of how to get ready for your wedding or your summer party, and to start thinking forward to a new suit for going back to work

What are my options?

At Regent, we hand-tailor and offer a semi-bespoke service, giving you the option to make a suit pretty much from the ground up.


Frequently referred to as ‘made-to-measure’, semi-bespoke yields results that are just as good as a fully bespoke tailor, but at a fraction of the cost and with far fewer fittings once the customer's measurements have been taken.


The term bespoke is age-old. In the nineteenth-century, it referred to the cloth that had been selected, or 'spoken for', by a client from his-or-her tailor. 


Over time the meaning of the word has been expanded and diluted. It can now be misleading: some tailors will claim to offer a bespoke service when the only thing they change on the suit is the fabric, or make minor alterations to the sleeve or jacket length.


At Regent, we call ourselves semi-bespoke because all of our patterns are individually cut for each customer. 

Off the Peg

We also offer a range of ‘off the peg’ suits: this simply means suits that are ready to try on and buy. 

Many customers come to us wanting a bespoke suit, and leave with off the peg, because they realise the quality is extremely high, and the process quicker.

All our off the peg suits share certain features: the key, core, carefully thought-out features that stem from Regent's years of expertise in the trade. 

The suit jackets are all made around a floating half-canvas construction, cut with a slim sleeve and a subtle trim shape in the side seams, while the trousers have a neatly tailored, classic fit. We only use the best cloth for our pieces, sourcing from the finest mills around the United Kingdom. 

You can find two-button and three-button suits with us coming in a range of materials, such as tweed, wool and cotton. Cotton suits are a great choice for summer weddings thanks to their lightness and breathability. Luckily, this lightness doesn’t translate to a visible change discernable in the fabric, so you’ll still look smart as all get out.

What is the process, and how long does it take?

If you’re looking to buy a bespoke suit that is not needed for a specific occasion, i.e. a wedding, then there’s no time restriction.

Our semi-bespoke tailoring service is typically completed in two or three appointments over five to seven weeks, but because we are particularly busy right now, this could take longer.

What happens is this: on the first appointment, we measure customers and open a dialogue about design requirements. This will include choosing the fabrics, linings and other basic aspects of the suit. This appointment typically lasts two hours. 

Between five and seven weeks after their initial appointment, customers have their second fitting. At this stage, the suit is almost complete, but minor adjustments to ensure a comfortable and pleasing fit can be made. A week later, the suit will be finished and ready for collection.

For an off-the-peg suit, you simply try it on and, if you like it, we pin it then and there, to take your measurements and fit it to you. Then, a week later, it’ll be ready to collect. 

Our ‘Ian’ suitis a perfect first off-the-peg suit to try: two-button, navy, flexible and versatile.

Wedding Suit

If you’re interested in sorting out a wedding suit with us, you still have the same options - made-to-measure or off-the-peg - but you need to get in touch with us with as much time to spare as you possibly can.

This isn’t because we’re being difficult: it’s because we want to get it absolutely perfect for you, and so many people underestimate the time they need to do this. 

A good three months before is ideal, so book now to get ready for your September or October weddings.

Ordinarily, all things being good, it takes us about six weeks to prepare your bespoke wedding suit. At the moment, particularly in the months of June, July and August when things are busy and staff need to take a little summer holiday for themselves, it could take up to ten or twelve weeks. So get cracking now to avoid disappointment!

If you’re coming to us to prepare a suit for a wedding, you get a free 30-minute consultation.

We can help you choose whether you’re after a semi-bespoke suit or an off-the-peg number: you can provide us with an overall budget and we can adapt to fit it. We also stock a huge number of gifts, accessories and essential wedding items such as ties, cufflinks and pocket squares to ensure your visit to Regent is a one-stop shop.


We’ve accrued a wealth of expertise and are always on-trend with the latest wedding looks. For the popular countryside look we offer a great selection of waistcoats, chinos or even three-piece tweed suits. 

We have some spectacular dinner jackets, classic morning coats and military-tradition suits; we’ve got lightweight linen and cotton suits for weddings in hotter climes, and we’ve got the perfect, classic navy's, blues and greys for those timeless suits that you’ll wear again and again.


Our Gray suit is a perfect suit for a wedding: two-button, smart, charcoal grey and dashing. You can easily picture the blue pocket square poking out the top, ready for the big day. 


Popular for country weddings, a more casual approach is pairing ‘separates’ together, such as a tweed waistcoat or checked shirt, braces and formal trousers. If this option appeals, it may be worth considering a bespoke jacket, shirt or even tartan trews for a perfect tailored item that’s still going to make an impact. 


This also provides for an effective way of dressing the groomsmen with matching waistcoats or accessories. Whatever our customers choose, from a classic three-piece to a crisp black tuxedo, we are able to tailor a look that will be equally as special as the day.

We stock the perfect white shirt for the classic wedding look, and we have belts, braces, ties and waistcoats to match any combination of jacket and trouser.


Our 30-minute consultation is essential to help us get to know you and what you’re after. We particularly recommend creating a Pinterest board - or collecting a number of cuttings and pictures - to show us the kinds of styles you’re after.

Easy Peasy

We’re here to make your suit-buying process as simple and enjoyable as possible - it should be fun, after all!

Stop by our shop and check out the gallery of wedding pictures along our wall for inspiration or to get an idea of what we do - or check out our online gallery here.

A lot of people come to us with their minds made up about a bespoke suit, but our off-the-peg numbers are all basically bespoke suits we’ve adapted to make them affordable and versatile - they all have the same level of attention to detail and individuality. Be sure to check them out and balance up your options.

Finally, it’s worth reminding you that Regent is not only a tailor. We also do a great set of contemporary and iconic brands, so be sure to have a browse and discover your next favourite thing. We bring our bespoke eye and level of enthusiasm to all the brands we stock, so in a way, they’re still tailored… tailored to you, our discerning, intrepid and sartorial customer. Happy Summer, everyone!

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