A Family Affair - My First Experience At Regent

My first experience of Regent was three years ago, when I just fourteen. I remember that it started with a conversation with my dad about the possibility of having a suit made... The occasion was my father's second marriage, which was naturally hugely important for the whole family. Not only was it the marriage of two people, but the coming together of two families. It was because of this that my dad decided to treat the boys of the family to a bespoke suit from Regent; there were four of us, including me.

I am still reminded that the preliminary discussions about my suit were interesting, to say the least. In my naivety, I thought I wanted – as I think any fourteen-year-old would – a suit made from the most arresting electric blue cloth that money could buy. I did countless hours of research on the colour I thought I wanted. Sure enough, when I went to Regent, I was told that I could have any cloth under the sun whether I sourced it myself, or made a choice from the thousands available at Regent. Instead of feeling like a 'kid in a candy shop', I was, in fact, a child in a tailors! Looking back, I now appreciate how grown up and special Regent made me feel. Jason and his team did not have to show me this kind of respect and attention, but they did. As my relationship with Regent has grown, I realise that it is an attitude like this that encapsulates all that they stand for.

Nonetheless, I still had a frankly immature fashion sense, which Jason was very patient with. After explaining my intentions, he showed me a full roll of the blue cloth that I had thought I wanted. At this point, I should say that I was less sure about the colour after seeing it in the flesh, and to my father's relief, I came around to a slightly subtler colour. Selecting the cloth was just the start. I then went through the intimate and unique process of being measured and fitted. As well as Choosing every little detail, from the all-important lining, to the hidden felt behind the collar. This ritual is one of the fondest memories I have from recent years and has left an impression firmly in my memory.

Despite the enjoyment I had from the fitting process, it was the wearing of the suit at the wedding which was the best part. A bespoke suit is unlike any other piece of clothing in your wardrobe. You are confident in the knowledge no one else is walking around wearing anything like what you're wearing. Which creates an immense sense of ownership and pride. And it is because of this, that it is a suit I will keep forever and will hand it down to my sons.

As I look back, I think it is Regent's expertise of tailoring, combined with a friendly and relaxed nature which befits their charming Wiltshire location. All of this creates the perfect formula in bespoke suit making. There is no judgement or prejudice, just a family-orientated company who make any visitor more than welcome.

A reflection on the service Regent can offer, written by George Sutton.

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