Welcome to Regent’s Subscription Service: a unique new life-hack that supplies you with hand-picked, carefully curated essentials each month so you don’t have to think about them.

Our bespoke subscription service offers customisable delivery of the products you need regularly, be it clothing, grooming or lifestyle.  From fresh socks to aftershave, quality coffee to crisp new t-shirts, a top-up of the usual hair gel to a face-mask refresher, our subscription service provides the essential items at the frequency you need them. 


Signing up to a subscription service is all about making life easier and clearing space in your mind for the important stuff. We have subscription services for every other life essential, but clothing and grooming has been critically overlooked… until now!

The beauty of a subscription service is that you only need give it a bit of thought at the beginning, and then you can sit back and let Regent do the rest.  A task like ‘buy a new pair of socks’, or ‘top up the coffee jar’, or even ‘replace t-shirt with holes in’ can sit on your to-do list, nagging away at you for months. 

Subscribe with Regent and you can do away with ever having to worry about when and where you might next run out of your essential wardrobe staples. With a Regent Subscription, you get:

* A personalised package of essential clothing, grooming and/or lifestyle products at the frequency you require

* Ongoing fluidity and choice to keep changing and fine-tuning what you want and need 

* Guarantee of the highest-quality brands, products and garments

* Access to bespoke advice and exposure to the best new brands, styles and products we think you’ll love based on what you’ve ordered so far

* Membership to the Regent Club, with two discount codes per month and advance access to Sales

Each subscription starts with a conversation, and as the service progresses, we get better and better at learning your tastes, preferences and needs. 

We suggest a catch up each month to see how you've got on with your products and offer anything new we think you might like in your subscription. It's all about building a personal relationship with our subscribers and giving you a sense of reliability and trust that other clothiers simply don't offer. 

As your subscription is tailored to your needs there is no specific length to the subscription and you can cancel at any time so there are not contracts. We think life is all about simplicity. 

An alternative to our subscription service is the Regent Account where you can regularly save money with us to spend on those luxury purchases that can sometimes be hard to swallow. Go to 'Open an Account' to read more.

To start your subscription ball rolling just get in touch in the form below. 

At Regent we offer an account service, something that your grandfather might have had with his tailor, or his favourite club back in the day. 

Its a great way to put a little money away with us each month in order to save for that knockout suit, new season clobber, or regular purchases. 

The process is simple: we give you a unique account number, and you can choose to pay in as much or as little as you want, as and when you want. 

Paying in just £50 a month is a great way to start the journey to a bespoke suit, save up for a special bottle of whisky, or buy a new season outfit. 

You can pay in using a direct debit, or simply pop into the shop in person where we will credit your account. 

If for any reason you wish to withdraw your money at any time we will credit you back within 10 working days. 

To find out more please fill in the form below  or call us on 01722 335151 mentioning you would like to discuss opening an account.