Comfortable and well-made underwear is absolutely crucial: the garments here all promise to offer maximal comfort and breathability, providing the perfect foundation for that great start to the day feeling. There's a wide range of styles to suit underwear introverts and extroverts alike, ensuring that practicality and stylishness combine - crucial for when it becomes time to strip down to the basics... Regent stock underwear royalty like Schiesser, world-famous for comfort, whilst our playful range of McAlson boxers will keep you well entertained. The Sleepwear we stock is all luxurious and stylish, meaning you'll never be embarrassed to open the front door in your pyjamas again. From the beautiful brushed cotton pyjamas at Bonsoir to our wonderful range of slippers, we're intent on making it even harder to get out bed, and even more inviting to get back in to it.