Blue denim jacket with contrast collar crafted from recycled cotton by USA icons Wrangler. An absolutely authentic Western-style denim jacket that's a classic, comfortable, rugged, robust garment coming with iconic clout. Warm, durable and versatile, it'll be a great ally in your everyday fashion. Makes every outfit look badass. Like you were that cool high school jock that jumps into a roofless car, is that what they're called, roofless? Jumping through a roofless car: imagine that? Imagine just jumping, jumping through a roofless, a roofless car. In a jacket. Any jacket, really. Made with cotton endorsed by the Better Cotton Initiative.

Key Features
  • 100% Cotton
  • Cosy sherpa lining
  • Contrasting collar and authentic western detailing
  • Crafted from recycled cotton and cotton endorsed by the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), the world's largest cotton sustainability program.
  • Indigood™ sustainable denim dyeing processes save at least 90% of water when compared to conventional dyeing.
  • 100% chemical-free finish.
  • Code: W464YF515
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