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Vetra - French Work-Wear - Jacket 4 - Hydrone Blue - Organic - Monty

Vetra - French Work-Wear - Jacket 4 - Hydrone Blue - Organic - Monty

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The Hydrone Jacket is Vetra's classic style which has been made to the same specification for decades using 100% heavy cotton twill giving durability and longevity. The jacket is unstructured and features three deep pockets, indicative of the jacket's origins used by workers in the factories of France. Any stylish gent should have a Vetra jacket in his wardrobe as a matter of necessity. Try swapping a traditional wool blazer to this for a louche office look. It's equally easy to dress down, complimenting denim jeans or chino's for a more casual take.

Vetra are the ace connoisseurs of French workwear, the vanguard of the renaissance, providing well-made, utterly stylish clothes that are perfectly à la mode. Founded in Paris in 1927, they’ve had a rich history and continue to produce authentic jackets with details taken from the uniforms of traditional labourers.

Key Features

  • Made in France.
  • 100% Cotton Fabric.
  • Patch Pockets.
  • Durable Fabric.
  • Classic Silhouette.
  • IG45/4 jacket.

Jason's Fitting & Sizing Advice

French sizing starts at 42, which is small, and goes up in twos corresponding with S, M, L, etc (42, 44, 46). If you know Jason, he wears a 46 in this style.

The product pictured here is an L or XL size, which might affect the way it looks when not on a model - feel free to message Jason via the Whatsapp Chat button on the bottom right of your screen, and he can send more pictures of the product and answer any questions you might have about size, styling, fit, colour, etc

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