Scheisser provide royal quality everyday garments that are both casual and a cut above the rest. This wonderful two tone t-shirt is a great case in point: made from super soft cotton to ensure maximal comfort, it’s a true-to-size fit that offers the perfect staple for any day’s outfit. You need your t-shirt to set the tone and provide the foundation for your look each day, and this Scheisser number ensures that you’ll always be off to a great start, with something different but classic. The bright, headstrong red of the top half is offset by a smoother, moodier burgundy on the bottom, leaving a perfect counterbalance, almost reminiscent of a Rothko painting.


    Schiesser, with over one hundred years of experience under their belts, are now one of the world's leading purveyors of fine garments, and for good reason: their clothes are ridiculously comfortable, soft, ergonomic and good-looking. With a ruthless eye for quality and practicality, Schiesser's fastidiousness is only matched by their keen eye for revivalism, updating their timeless clothes with subtle modern twists.

Key Features
  • Crew Neck
  • 100% Cotton
  • 2 tone solid block colours
  • Mid weight
  • True to size 
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