A pair of olive technical hiking-trekking-running-walking socks from expert and Japanese national favourites RoToTo, offering arch support and non-shrink material. Properly comfortable, incredibly well made and featuring clever tech such as the arch support and the special stretch yarn combined with shrink-resistance, these socks are just itching to be put to the test. Best employed for walking, hiking, running - any time when you just need a little bit more from your sock. Comfort, padding, support - you name it - these guys have got your back. Sock fetishists, rejoice! These RoToTo wonders will transform the space between your shoes and trouser hem into a whole new miniature realm of style and substance. The perfect way to finish off your outfit, add the final bit of calm dazzle, and show you’re someone who’s capable of doing everything, down to the smallest detail, in a casual but impeccably cool way.

    RoToTo socks are made in Japan by a group of age-old sock masters that pay careful consideration to the composition and craft of every pair, using a mixture of old-fashioned and contemporary manufacturing methods depending on the colours and materials to bring out the best in every sock. Every pair is perfectly balanced to offer a strong aesthetic and the utmost functionality, based on the Japanese principle of ‘lifelong consumables’.

Key Features
  • Shrink-resistant Merino Wool technical hiking/trail-running socks
  • Made in Japan
  • 79% Wool | 5% Nylon | 13% Polyester | 3% Polyurethane
  • Special Stretch Yarn
  • Arch Support
  • Comfort and Durability
  • Can Wash at 40°C
  • Code Ends 1136
  • Size Medium UK 6-8
  • Size Large - UK 9-11

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