These Rototo washi pile crew socks are made from a cotton washi mix, washi is a Japanese paper yarn which has been a long lasting tradition in Japan, this fabric is often compared to silk for its ability to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer so ideal to make a pair of socks from that will see you through all seasons, washi yarn is also brilliant at moisture wicking and water absorbing. 

    These socks also include a refreshing pile lining, which is made from a natural hemp fiber. 

    Rototo  socks are made in Japan by a group of age-old sock masters that pay careful consideration to the composition and craft of every pair, using a mixture of old-fashioned and contemporary manufacturing methods depending on the colours and materials to bring out the best in every sock. Every pair is perfectly balanced to offer a strong aesthetic and the utmost functionality, based on the Japanese principle of ‘lifelong consumables’.

Key Features
  • Navy
  • Made in Japan
  • 45% Cotton, 35%Washi (Japanese Paper Yarn), 18% Nylon, 2% Polyurethane 
  • Code R1066
  • Size Medium UK 6-8
  • Size Large - UK 9-11
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