Smart black hopsack trousers designed by Regent for everyday and work wear featuring front slant pockets, back jetted pockets, belt loops, brace fasteners, an F-block cut and a slim silhouette. These elegant, slim-cut but not stifling black hopsack trousers boast the lovely basket weave texture that sets hopsack apart and has made it a favourite amongst many contemporary tailors. Relatively lightweight and breathable for a serious pair of trousers, the black hopsack offers wrinkle resistance for a subtly sporty look and feel. With all the class of a pair of suit trousers, but styled with belt loops to help them straddle the smart/casual divide, these are adaptable, flexible and multi-purpose trousers that’ll keep you looking and feeling supremely smart and well-cut where you go.

Key Features
  • Hopsack
  • Front Slant Pockets
  • Back Jetted Pockets
  • F-Block Cut
  • Belt Loops, Brace Fasteners
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