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Regent - Pure Geelong Wool Aran Jumper - Paradise Blue

Regent - Pure Geelong Wool Aran Jumper - Paradise Blue

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Pure Geelong lambswool authentic Aran jumper by heritage independent designer Regent, featuring cable knit design. Here’s your opportunity to stock up on a timeless classic of a jumper: the Regent Aran Paradise Blue sweater is a rustic, stone-cold legend that’s here to keep you red-hot throughout the winter months, arriving in a great shade of blue that’s traditional and quirky enough to make it go a treat with more contemporary items like jeans and a good jacket.


The profound blue colour catches the eye, like the light catches the deep depths of the Mediterranean ocean floor. The indulgence of the immense blue will intensify any outfit. Perfectly paired with a black jean, as an example. Whilst the delightful mixture of patterning that bedeck the jumper include two centrepiece helixes that run like lazy DNA down the chest. The jumper is made in Scotland, and carries a sense of the playfulness yet earnest approach that embodies the habitual traditions of the highlands: it's the perfect case in point for displaying Regent’s adroitness at tradition with a twist.

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