This is a beautiful, light, finely-cut linen jacket in an elegant light grey which offers contemporary flair to a traditional look. The Fox is 100% linen from the famous, most-esteemed Harrisons of Edinburgh, and it is wonderfully soft and breathable, with a luxurious texture. The jacket is two-button with side vents, a welted breast pocket and a flap side pocket for your possesions, whilst the cuff is a three-button sham: our way of giving you the desired look without you having to dig too deep into the wallet.

This is an elegant jacket perfect for summer events such as regattas and garden parties, and'll look great with a pair of chinos or, for the ultimate smart-casual, with a pair of jeans. The half-back (or 'budgie-back') is designed to keep you even cooler that your average linen jacket, and the smart soft grey will cut a fine figure through the summer crowds. If you're looking for a cool, perfect smar-casual summer jacket, the Fox is for you.

The Fox can be worn with Regent's 'Valley' grey linen waistcoat to add a smart kicker to it when you feel like going all out: it can also be paired with Regent's 'Joy' navy waistcoat for a terrific splice of colour whilst keeping in the summer linen look.

Key Features

- 100% Linen

- Half-back / 'Budgie-Back' Blue Lining

- Cloth from Lear Browne & Dunsford w/ Harrisons of Edinburgh

- Side Vents

- Welted Breast Pocket and Flap Side Pocket

- 3-Button Sham Cuff

Key Features

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