Midnight ocean blue luxury wool tweed bulk cloth reel with peacock fleck from Martin Mills tweed. Reel length is 3.35M. High-grade luxury bulk cloth to buy for bespoke suits, waistcoats, hats, flat caps, or skirts. The exquisite peacock fleck adds depth and intricacy to the cloth, lending it well to a suave jacket or suit.

Key Features

    - Reel Length: 3.35M

    - £15 p/metre

    - Made in Yorkshire

    - Regent Ref: 5

     * See below for a list of average cloth amounts for average (Size 42) garments for an indication of amount needed for bespoke orders *


  • Suit Jacket: 1.89M
  • Trousers: 1.6M
  • Two pairs of Trousers: 3.16M
  • Waistcoat: 0.76M
  • Two-Piece Suit: 3.39M
  • Three-Piece Suit: 3.81M
  • Overcoat: 2.99M
  • Ladies Single-Breasted Jacket: 1.4M
  • Ladies Pencil Skirt: 0.95M


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