Blue, white and black luxury linen and wool mix bulk cloth reel. Reel length is 3.5M. High-grade luxury bulk cloth to buy for bespoke suits, waistcoats, hats, flat caps, or skirts. Much like the Regent 'Flint' suit, this dogstooth cloth is made to wow, offering an idiosyncratic, highly stylish allure coupled with a divine texture. Would make a lovely jacket to pair with plain smart trousers.

Key Features

    - Reel Length: 3.5M

    - £25 p/metre

    - Regent Ref: 6

     * See below for a list of average cloth amounts for average (Size 42) garments for an indication of amount needed for bespoke orders *


  • Suit Jacket: 1.89M
  • Trousers: 1.6M
  • Two pairs of Trousers: 3.16M
  • Waistcoat: 0.76M
  • Two-Piece Suit: 3.39M
  • Three-Piece Suit: 3.81M
  • Overcoat: 2.99M
  • Ladies Single-Breasted Jacket: 1.4M
  • Ladies Pencil Skirt: 0.95M


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