Here we have our brand new 73 New Street branded sweatshirts. They are made from Eco-friendly Organic cotton. CO2 Neutral and Earth positive. Very reminiscent of Varsity College wear. We wanted to create a casual sweatshirt that was comfortable and looked great. 

    The print on the front is the Street address of Regent. Get your self a sweater and represent the 'best' shop in Salisbury... Probably. 

    N.B. Due to the nature of the material used in creating these jumpers, there can be an issue with lint staining white t-shirts. We'd advise you wash it once before wearing.

Key Features
  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • CO2 Neutral Fabrication
  • Grey Colour
  • 73 New St. Print on Front in Black
  • Unisex
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