The Ducati company’s proud history of motorcycle construction began in 1950, when it started producing the “Ducati Cucciolo”, a bicycle with a mounted engine, and Regent’s new Ducati suit — celebrating our new motorcycle collection — speaks too to a look that alludes to humble beginnings but is every bit as cutting edge as its competitors in the contemporary world. Lapels rolled for a smooth tuck and classically olive in colour, its 100% wool fabric boasts a check pattern of rustic, autumnal orange pitched expertly against a scintillatingly modern, intersecting arctic blue. Three button in design with a green two tone lining which can shift gracefully between a spectrum of pearly to rhubarb depending on the light, it is single vent with flap pockets and welt breast pocket, and while this may render it perfect for straddling a purring Ducati and jetting off into the sunset, it will have you walking in making a statement in almost any scenario. With working button and buckle side adjusters, don’t be surprised if you start hankering for a pair of leather goggles and the open road!


Regent suits have a slim yet comfortable silhouette for a contemporary look that is at home in the boardroom as it is at a bar. The jacket has a slightly narrower lapel, remaining slim through the sleeve and retaining a subtle shape in the side seams. This fit is mirrored in the trousers which are generous in the waist but slightly narrower through the thigh: our trousers have unfinished bottoms so as to be tailored to your leg length.

Key Features


  • 100% Wool herringbone overcheck.
  • Three button (rolling).
  • Single vent.
  • Four button working cuffs.


  • Unfinished hem.
  • Hand sewn side adjusters.

Jason's Fitting & Sizing Advice

* please note all measurements based on a 40" Suit. As with any garment, there may be slight variances in measurements from piece to piece. If you would like any further advice we will be happy to help.


  • Jacket length 77cm,
  • Sleeve length 63.5cm,
  • Half circumference 52.5cm.


  • Half bottom width 21.5cm.
  • Half waist measurement 45.5cm

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