The Ford Crew is made in Manchester from 100% merino wool, farmed only a few miles from Peregrine's factory. Marino wool is naturally warm and biodegradable. This is a cosy wardrobe staple, perfect for the colder months.

    Peregrine has been crafting incredible garments since 1796. Founder, Thomas Glover, started by knitting and selling jumpers in Leicestershire. Fast forward eight generations (and a move to Manchester) and Peregrine is still going - a testament to their quality and appeal. Peregrine pride themselves on keeping their manufacturing miles to a minimum and working closely with farmers and weavers to create high-quality, conscientious clothing. 

    This item looks great with a pair of chinos and an overshirt.

Key Features
  • 100% Merino Wool.
  • Sourced no more than 60 miles from Peregrine's factory.
  • Made in England.
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