Exquisite wool workwear-style 1950’s surf shirt from true-blue American style stalwarts Pendleton, made from robust and comfortable virgin wool and featuring a woozy, sunny orange and sea-blue check with hints of pale sea green fading in there, too. Known as the original board shirt, it’s the garment the Beach Boys actually used to go surfing in (fun fact: did you know the Beach Boys used to be called ‘The Pendletons’?) The hoop under the collar means you can fasten the shirt right to the top securely, as a way to stay breathable and flexible whilst surfing a tube… or, as might be more likely, riding the London tube. Iconic, still so fresh, comfortable and perfect for the spring-summer, you’ll be pulling all the good vibrations in this piece. over sized

Key Features
  • Wool Mix.
  • Long sleeve.
  • From the Pendleton Archive.
  • Open Collar.
  • Pendleton AA022-32272.
  • People normally go down a size.



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