Nick the Messenger is made with cyclists in mind by folk at Millican who clearly know their stuff: everything has been lovingly thought-out here, and they've really gone the extra mile when it comes to comfort and safety, making this an ideal bag for those who commute to work on two wheels. As well as all the usual practical Millican facets like internal laptop, phone, book and document pockets, there's an expanding pocket for water bottles on those hot thirsty summer slogs, and, for the winter rides home, the kind folk at Millican have built in a reflective 'fold-away' strip and clip-on light attachment on the front panel for extra visibility and safety. There's even a stabilising strap to hold the bag in place while cycling, meaning you can sling it over your shoulder and keep it that way, unlike so many other bags that slide around and threaten your safety. This is the perfect commuter-cycling bag: smart, sleek, stylish and incredibly practical, in a slick graphite grey that's elegant and practical. The material is Millican's famous Bionic canvas, meaning that not only will your bag be sustainable, it's 30% tougher than other canvases too, and waterproof to boot.


    Millican, named after local legend of the Lake District Millican Dalton, are a truly wondrous contemporary brand that create the finest, most sustainable, most lovingly crafted and well-thought-out bags of all shapes, sizes and varieties. Dalton was a maverick who lived out in the wild and put an emphasis on use and practicality over all else, and Millican have taken his ethos and ran with it, creating rucksacks, backpacks and briefcases that are all deliciously practical -- and, of course, seriously cool, thanks to their simple, ergonomic designs in lovely natural block colours. Whatever material they use, Millican make sure it's responsibly sourced, recycled where possible or carrying very few miles of travelling, to create sustainable bags for independent spirits and conscious travellers.

Key Features

    H 36cm x W 27cm x D 11cm

    - 650gms

    - Internal pockets for laptop (up to 11”), tablet, phone, book and documents

    - One external expanding pocket for a water bottle

    - Easy-access external laptop sleeve (up to 11”) hidden in the back panel

    - Reflective ‘fold-away’ strip and clip-on light attachment on the front panel

    - Secure u-lock loops on the front underneath the lid

    - Detachable stablising strap to keep the bag in place whilst cycling

    - Bionic® Canvas Outer Fabric: 38% cotton, 57% recycled polyester, 5% high-tenacity polyester, 100% paraffin wax impregnated. DWR (C6) treated.

    - Lining Fabric: 100% recycled polyester, waterproof

    - Buckles: Aluminium

    - Zips: YKK

    - Trim: Leather


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