It's not often you find the perfect combination of comfort and actual style in a pair of boxer shorts, but McAlson have nailed it. Priding themselves on having achieved 'the ultimate male comfort', McAlson's boxer shorts are tirelessly stylish, playful and suave whilst providing you with all the comfort and support of a pair of briefs: they're the perfect mix between boxer style and brief comfort. With a 100% cotton invisible support and a dazzling array of patterns with which to personalise your wardrobe, they're the best you'll find. Underwear is where you start and end each day - these boxers are the ones for an impeccable foundation to any outfit.


    The lovely soft blue and serene white lines that adorn this lovely pair of boxers are sailed across by charming boats with fine details and the wind in their sails. Peaceful yet adventurous, they're full of character and are far more dazzling than anything hidden under a pair of trousers should be.


    The elasticised waistband adds extra comfort and is fastened with two buttons. Finished with a single button fly and the signature McAlson tab.

Key Features
  • Elasticated waistband
  • 100% Cotton
  • Ultimate in male comfort
  • Invisible support

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