More commonly known as IV, The Runes Album or Four Symbols, Led Zeppelin's fourth studio album Untitled is arguably the band at their best. An awesome mix of Hard Rock, Folk and Blues, Led Zeppelin solidified their status as one of the most iconic bands of the era and cemented their place in Rock'n'Roll history - demonstrating their ability for subtlety and restraint, but also for their room-shaking riffs and the signature powerful drumming of John Bonham.


    Featuring Stairway to Heaven, often regarded as one of the best rock songs of all time, Black Dog and When the Levee Breaks there is always a right time to stick this album on and air guitar along.



Tracklist Information

    Side One

    Black Dog - 4:56

    Rock and Roll - 3:41

    The Battle of Evermore - 5:52

    Stairway to Heaven - 8:02

    Side Two

    Misty Mountain Hop - 4:39

    Four Sticks - 4:45

    Going to California - 3:32

    When The Levee Breaks -7:08


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