Water-repellent sun hat with mesh lining and storm strap from outdoorswear contemporary upstart pros Haglöfs. A super-effective, super-comfy sun hat that's set for all kinds of outdoors days thanks to its water-resistant properties, mesh lining for longer wearability and breathability, and its storm strap to keep it secure under your chin in windy weather. Reminiscent of a 90's ravers hat in style, it proves immensely stylish and - for all you ravers out there - just a little nostalgic too. Of course, 90's style is right back in fashion, so maybe it's an excuse for one last rave...? Or just a secure walk on the windy moors or a potter about the garden: your choice.


    Haglöfs are the outdoor adventurer brand for cynics: they pride themselves on being able to convert even the hardiest of outdoorswear-sceptics thanks to their reliability in providing immaculately-high-quality garments, their persistent self-evaluation - meaning they stay on top of the latest technology, sustainability and fashion - and their pride in ensuring you look, feel and perform better in a Haglöfs item. Founded by a man with a foot in the worlds of both workwear and fashion, Haglöfs understand that not everyone's on board with an outdoorsy lifestyle straight off the bat, and that it's important to feel comfortable, be thoroughly protected, and feel, style-wise, like you're not pretending to be someone you ain't. That's how this wonderful company have come to provide us with clothes that are so joyously practical and so elegantly cool, all at once.

Key Features
  • Fluorocarbon-free DWR-treated surfaces help repel water & dirt
  • Mesh lining on inside for better breathability
  • Brim around hat for sun and weather protection
  • Storm strap for windy conditions
  • Weight: 55g


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