Jersey knit double layer beanie in dark orange from contemporary casualwear aces Edwin, featuring turn-up part and garment washed colour. The plum is an awesome style-signifier: mature, confident, like you’re the kind of nerdy cool guy that’s got secrets and writes in a journal that’ll one day be used as the inspiration for a wicked indie film. Warm, cosy, durable and stylish: what more could you want from your beanie? A little rollie poking out the top? To be popping a sick ollie whilst wearing it? To be the coolest person in the city that you live? To be happy without wearing cool clothes? Fine, sure, ok, whatever, getouttahere.

Key Features
  • Garment Washed
  • Jersey Knit Double Layer
  • Turn-up part
  • Jersey Knit, 100% Acrylic, 5GG
  • One Size
  • Item Number: I0286230MY67
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