Edwin continues to lead the way when it comes to the art of denim: combining their Japanese-rooted craftsmanship and expertise with a contemporary European forward-thinkingness and vision, they’ve been responsible for various revolutions in the jean industry, such as stone-washing and the concept and cuts associated with ‘new vintage’. Rigorously edgy and impeccably cool, they’re the ultimate alternative jean.


    Edwin’s ED32’s have a smart, tight fit and taper at the leg for additional stylish snappiness. Simple and subtle, they make for the ideal blank canvas to construct an outfit around. Their indigo dyed, green selvage denim (meaning it was made on a shuttle loom and is therefore a narrower fabric, making it resistant to unravelling) has a slight stretch to it and is solid black — interrupted only by the occasional, alluringly-appointed smart silver stud — creating a stylishly unfettered smoothness and consistency in colour, perfect for complimenting the lighter colours in your wardrobe. Dark and eternally trendy, this is denim that will do you proud at any occasion. Made in Japan.

Key Features
  • Tighter fit with a slight stretch
  • Indigo died salvage denim
  • Black denim
  • Button fly
  • Product Code: I027658.101.32
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