Rinse-black regular tapered rainbow selvage jeans from contemporary denim masters Edwin, made in Japan and featuring button fastening and two front and back pockets. This beautiful pair of regular tapered (perfect balance between skinny and straight legged), 100% cotton jeans is made in Japan from Edwin's very own stash of denim. Derived from the expression 'self-edged', selvage refers to the narrow, tightly woven band on both edges of the fabric that prevents the edge of the denim from unravelling whilst offering an impeccably clean, neat, well-finished look. The rinsed black gives the jeans a nicely lived in, expressive feel: like you’re inheriting them from a sawdust covered cowboy after his last brawl. This truly is a beautiful pair of trousers, well-built and ready to last you a lifetime, who's look will only get better with age, adventure and wear.


    Edwin continues to lead the way when it comes to the art of denim: combining their Japanese-rooted craftsmanship and expertise with a contemporary European forward-thinkingness and vision, they’ve been responsible for various revolutions in the jean industry, such as stone-washing and the concept and cuts associated with ‘new vintage’. Rigorously edgy and impeccably cool, they’re the ultimate alternative jean.

Key Features
  • 100% Cotton
  • Made In Japan
  • Rainbow Selvage Denim
  • Rinsed Black Colour
Jason's Fitting & Sizing Advice

    Regent Trouser Sizing: The number you see refers to waist size, whilst the letters S, R and L refer to leg length. S is Short (length 30), R is Regular (length 32) and L is Long (length 34).


    Feel free to message Jason via the Whatsapp Chat button on the bottom right of your screen, and he can send more pictures of the product and answer any questions you might have about size, styling, fit, colour, etc


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