Edwin continues to lead the way when it comes to the art of denim: combining their Japanese-rooted craftsmanship and expertise with a contemporary European forward-thinkingness and vision, they’ve been responsible for various revolutions in the jean industry, such as stone-washing and the concept and cuts associated with ‘new vintage’. Rigorously edgy and impeccably cool, they’re the ultimate alternative jean.

    With Edwin's advances in denim comes their inevitable perfection of the classic denim jacket: this wonderful garment is a timeless classic, seen on style icons the world round and is the perfect confidence booster, with due cause - you always look and feel great in a denim jacket. This lovely wash gives it a lovely, well-worn dusty Americana vibe, and the denim is wonderfully comfortable and robust. This is a trusty jacket that'll get you out of any scrape and put you on thousands of adventures in style and comfort.

Key Features
  • Two chest pockets
  • 100% Denim
  • Washed denim

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