A beautiful long-sleeve t-shirt comprised of heritage cotton with a wider neck and slightly shorter sleeves to fit traditional fisherman necessities, this is a classic piece of Breton heritage and a beautiful contemporary spin on an iconic piece. Warm but lightweight, incredibly comfy and perfectly robust, they'll quickly become your favourite go-to wardrobe staple. The stripy design came about so that sailors who'd fallen overboard could be easily seen, and this eye-catching, head-turning function still persists in these wonderful garments, which guarantee a sense of playfulness and a stand-out style-signification to those who wear them. They’re made from 100% heritage cotton, meaning they’re super comfy. The beautiful, warm red is perfect for controlled burst of colour and, with its lovely navy stripes, this is the Breton shirt toned to give a playful but formal feel. Casual, playful and utterly unique, these are an excellent way to prove that autumn-winter needn't be a drab time, fashion-wise.


    Armor Lux is the perfect brand to help you head into the changing season with their series of incredibly made, high-quality, nautical-inspired items. We stock Armor Lux because they're a unique and iconic heritage brand who’ve kitted out all the do-ers of France, from railway workers to trans-Atlantic sailors, in eco-certified organic cotton woven amongst their 85 circular knitting machines and control-tested to within in an inch of perfection.

Key Features
  • 100% Cotton
  • Traditional French design
  • Wide neck
  • Short arms (sailor length)
  • Code: 73972

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