The Gift of Christmas Style: 1

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'Twas four weeks before Christmas and all down the street, hundreds of shoppers were scurrying around. Not a person was dawdling, 'tho some looked browbeat.

The Christmas season is full of joy and cheer, but it can be stressful as you look to find the perfect present for friends and family. Clothing, in particular, can be challenging to buy, if you need to factor in sizes. Regent, as ever, is here to help and over the next two weeks, we will be providing you with some great gift ideas – from stocking fillers to main presents – that will not require you to broach the awkward, or giveaway, question, "so, what size are you?"

This week, we're thinking about non-clothing items. Alongside Regent's carefully selected range of men and women's brands, we stock a variety of complementary products, all of which could make for interesting and individual Christmas presents.

Truefitt and Hill's shaving sets, which include a hand-finished brush, razor and stand, are a great place to start. All of Truefitt and Hall's shaving brushes are weighed and knotted by hand using the finest quality badger hair. Badger hair is water absorbent, which means the lather will be thicker and the shave much smoother. The brushes are combined with lathe-turned and hand polished handles. Regent also stock a selection of Truefitt and Hall's shaving products, including soap and their elegant range of traditional and subtle scents.

From personal DIY to something that could benefit all of the family, Regent stock a range of practical manual tools, to help men act the part they look so convincing for. Flashlights from Maglite, travel mugs from Stanley, travel flasks from Men's Society and pocket knives from Victorinox, which come in beautifully packaged presentation boxes, could help you to provide a gift that keeps on giving throughout 2017. For the ambidexterous and possibly younger present recipient, Regent stock Eureka! building kits in store. These will be sure to provide hours of fun - and quiet - long after the Big Day has passed.

Still not sure? Regent offer vouchers in store and online to the value of your choice. The vouchers can be used in shop for Regent's branded products or they can be put towards a bespoke shirt or suit, which is a popular option for partners. Next week, we'll provide some more ideas with dress accessories.

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