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Suits You, Sir - By Karl Splash copy Sometimes we get stuck in our old ways, wearing the same clothes day in day out whether it be same style or even just the same clothes! When is it time for a change? In an ever increasing image conscious world it seems to be becoming more and more important making an initial impact, don't they say the first 5 minutes of meeting somebody can decide your future?! Whether your trying to clinch that big business deal or get that job you have always wanted, confidence and presentation is everything, you may know it all but do you look like you do? As said you have to look the part its not a style thing, but just something the modern world demands of you. Having started Valley News right from the beginning with my business partner David Parker, perhaps this was the case with me, the business evolved but my wardrobe hasn't evolved as fast. Now were in a high street office where I am seen ever more day in day out by the public through the office window and people can come and see us of the street. I am meeting more and more potential decision makers.
With this in mind, I popped in to Regent Tailoring on New Street, I am firm believer in where possible shop local even if it means paying that bit more we need to keep our small businesses alive as thats where the growth began for the vast majority of businesses.
Regent Tailoring is the prime example of this, a true local brand started from scratch by Jason Regent.
I have known Jason since I was 15 when he was manager of Repertoire in Salisbury, he worked in London for Ede and Ravenscroft, the Royal tailors for about 10 years. From there he developed his own brand in his own premises. (To read the full story behind Regent Tailoring click here.) I told him I was looking for a fresh look, especially after being told I looked like a scruffy journalist on a previous occasion, although maybe not true, its good to have criticism makes you aspire to be better. Not being all that flush I suggested we do a before and after Karl marketing manager at the Valley News, as it would make a nice feature and I would benefit in having some fresh eyes on my appearance. And perhaps I would be persuaded to purchase a suit. I was astounded by how well the clothes fitted me on the day. I'm certainly no model but I felt like one.
I have to confess I have never been a fan of spending a lot of money on clothes, but if they fit as well as the clothes I tried on, on the day and give you that look and feel that your a very important person to be reckoned with, I might just yet be persuaded to have my very own tailored suit. (To learn about Regent's made-to-measure suits visit the website here.) Its amazing how Jason knew what would fit and suit me well without having anything tailored for me. A unique talent! I can now truly say I have been converted to a suit person! A Regent suit person, the highest quality materials I have tried on. Off-the-peg suits cost from £550 and made-to-measure suits from £650, high value products at reasonable prices. Some may think this is a lot to spend on a good suit but if it means you walk in brimming with confidence and comfort its a small price to pay for a greater chance of success. Pictures by Dominic Parkes

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