Stutterheim Arholma - The Last Raincoat You'll Ever Need

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Stutterheim call for us to embrace Swedish melancholy and given the quality of the hand-sewn Arholma rubberized raincoat this is not a bad suggestion. Wearing the Arholma raincoat you would be happy to embrace the rain any day of the week knowing you can be well-dressed even when the weather is bad.

The Arholma, named after an island in the Stockholm archipelago was inspired by Stutterheim founder Alexander's grandfather. The discovery in a barn of an old raincoat brought back memories of his grandfather going out fishing, defying the stormiest weather; heavy rains and thunderstorms. Alexander's granddad's tried-and-tested, durable and practical raincoat has been honoured and brought back to life by an updated, contemporary version that is handmade to the very highest of standards. The craftsmanship and attention to detail mean this rubberized cotton raincoat is not a result of mass production. Each coat is individually controlled, numbered and signed by the seamstress who has sewn it. The Arholma with its discreet, classical cut with no unnecessary velcro, straps or strings has every hand-sewn seam carefully sealed with tape making it 100% wind and water proof. There are ventilation gaps under the arms, a hood that has been shaped to make it easy to take a sideways glance as you cross the street and two outside and two inside pockets.


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