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They say you shouldn't judge a man until you've walked a mile in his shoes: Regent not only aim to provide footwear that'll make this mile-long trek a walk in the park comfort-wise, but we also seek to make you the very object of desire in this well-known proverb – when others see you in a pair of Regent's unique, fantastically stylish shoes, or some of the Redwing Boots or Ludwig Reiter trainers we stock, they'll be chasing after you to enquire where you got them.

It all started for Jason Regent with what became the Romany, the first Chelsea boot he designed.  The story goes that Jason was wearing an old pair – enormously popular amongst riders thanks to their support, sturdiness and sleek style – when he got the chance to ride Romany King, the winner of the Grand National champion, and had trouble getting a foot out of the stirrup. The shoe looked great, but wasn't quite doing the trick, so Jason went away and perfected the design, giving the boot a higher neck, resulting in a unique, distinct twist on the famous boot that still has heads turning today. This is a typical example of what gives rise to a Regent shoe: with our feet on the ground in terms of practicality, durability and comfort, and our head in the sky when it comes to dreaming up that idiosyncratic twist on things that'll make your footwear unique, we've harnessed the wild ride between true style and true comfort.

All Regent shoes are Goodyear welted, which means they can be fully re-soled, as and when the  time comes; Goodyear welting marks the intent of a shoe that's bound to run and run, unlike much of the contemporary footwear you'll find on the high-street today that barely withstands a year's worth of wear. We welt our shoes like this because we make them for life, and, of course, we design them with the same timeless intent. Again, unlike other high-street brands, all our shoes are 100% British-made (many brands claim this, whilst shipping parts from overseas and only assembling them in the UK). We make ours in Northampton, the home of the legendary Joseph Cheaney, and on the sole of our shoes you'll see the stamp of the Regent butterfly or skull, marking out the source of it's unique design. Regent has a tremendous relationship with Joseph Cheaney, something we're proud of and which sets us in great stead for the highest possible quality. Cheaney, with their centuries of expertise, remain at the forefront of the noble tradition of shoe and bootmaking and have even been recognised by royalty, awarded the Queen's award for Enterprise in 2016. We've always stocked Cheaney and they've made our shoes since the very beginning and that famous Romany boot. We're an official stockist and have full access to their catalogue for customers, so feel free to pop in and see for yourself what the full force of tradition and innovation looks like.

Regent has got you covered for any style of shoe, from traditional to radical, impeccably smart to ultra urbane. Our Regent/Cheaney range is versatile and classic, able to accommodate any kind of outfit, situation or social scenario. Our Samoa Desert boot is an all-time favourite, workable with chinos or jeans for the ultimate smart-casual, while our famous Monk shoe has customers flocking from miles around to get the perfect take on a legendary but difficult-to-perfect shoe. We've honed our keen eye for detail, difference and comfort on every style, from tasselled loafers to leather boots, meaning you're covered for life wearing something that never dates.

Finally, we stock a couple of choice brands we love and trust. Red Wing is an iconic, beautiful brand specialising in the best leather boots around, much beloved by fashionistas and the folk who go to work in them alike. Hand-made from carefully selected pieces of leather by Red Wing experts, these boots are sturdy, comfy and seriously badass, putting the boss of all finishing touches to any outfit: we're truly proud to purvey these beauties, and they're a firm customer favourite. We also love our Ludwig Reiters – like the Red Wings, these trainers are Goodyear welted and are of the very highest possible luxury and style, the crème de la crème of trainer chic. Coming straight out of Vienna, these shoes are quietly dazzling, coming in an array of luxurious soft tones with simple, elegant designs, and are also absurdly comfortable to boot – the company pay special attention to the 'moving centre', the connection between the upper part of the shoe and the lower, where they've formed something flexible and durable that doesn't skimp on aerodynamics and style. We're especially chuffed with our unique collaboration with Ludwig Reiter, the Maronibrater Boot, a twist on the mountain boots worn by workers in Vienna, now updated to give the pinnacle of walking, working, functional fashion, seriously warm and comfy, perfect for long winter walks and any outdoor activity.

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