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In a new series for the Regent blog, we speak with customers about their experiences of our products and services. First up, we chat to Mr Simon Seymour-Dale, a certification test pilot with the European Aviation Safety Agency in Cologne. Married with a daughter, forty-five year old Simon has been a Regent customer since September 2013. After twenty-five years in the RAF, and with some judicious hints from his wife, he decided that his style was in need of an overhaul. Simon remembers his 'pre-Regent' style as bland:
There I was, walking the streets, wearing shirts too big for me and trousers pulled up too high, a boxy high street suit that hung off me like badly fitting curtains, my wife screaming 'help, somebody save me from this style vacuum' and then, 'Bang!' The Fantastic€¦Three appear. I ripped off my tired clothes - superman-style - to reveal a sharp suit and tailored shirt, even a matching tie!
The transformation Simon describes is dramatic, but then he refers to Jason, Rich and Will as 'fashion superheroes'. Such is the sartorial savvy of Salisbury's tailoring triumvirate, Simon notes that strangers, including men, now comment on positively on his clothes, particularly his suits. Reflecting on his visits to the shop, Simon says he has always valued Regent's personal service and honesty. 'I get the impression that the chaps don't simply sell you what they've got in stock, but what will suit you. They tell you - if you want them to - what they think is going to work for you and what won't. I don't like all of their products, but they will always find or order something that's going to look good and feel comfortable.' In the 'post-Regent' era, Simon admits that he still doesn't pay much attention to men's clothing styles, but he does appreciate the experience of wearing well-fitting and personally crafted garments. He is cognisant of the fact that a change of wardrobe has made him feel more content and confident with his appearance, which is no mean feat to achieve.

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