Last-Minute Valentines: Lockdown Love & Gifts For Him

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Left Valentines till the last minute? Want to find the perfect gift for him that’s thoughtful, quality and enduring? Pulling your hair out over where to go and what to find?

Never fear, Regent is here! Check out our quick and easy guide to showing a little lockdown love and finding the perfect Valentine gift for your man. We’ve broken things up into a simple price-based three-tier system (better than your tiers, Boris!) so you can work out what’s what in the world of Valentine’s gifts for men at Regent.

Love in the time of Covid

There’s no doubt lockdown’s been tough on those of us in relationships, be they long term or short, young or old, seasoned veteran or romantic novice. We’ve had to dig deep and find new ways to express ourselves, show each other we care, and go the extra mile. It’s also true it’s become clearer to us who we love and who we need! And now, in the midst of what’s surely been the toughest of the lockdowns, we’ve got a chance to show them we care.

Valentine’s Day rolls around again, a date which can often inspire a mild feeling of guilt, panic and irritation: I want to get him something great, but what? – something that he doesn’t know he wants – something that’s quality, not a bit of tat that’ll wear out in a week. We know that feeling, and that’s why we’ve come up with this blog post for the last-minute lockdown Valentine’s Day gift hunters.

Show a little love

Valentine’s Day is something to be excited about amidst all the uncertainty and gloom about at the moment: a reason to celebrate a love that goes beyond the day-to-day and will last longer than any pandemic. In order to celebrate and to offer a helping hand, we’re giving a special Valentine’s Discount to mark the occasion. Simply write code LOVEUS in to the box at checkout for a nifty 10% off, making everything that little bit more palatable. He need never know…

But what to get him? Below, we’ve assembled and curated a list of exciting, thoughtful, high-class and unusual gifts that you won’t find anywhere on the High Street or the likes of Amazon. From a lovely pair of socks right up to an exquisite timepiece to mark the time you’ve spent together, we’ve arranged a list broken into three rough price tiers, so that you can scroll through from the more frugal end to the more serious, thus catering to first-loves and golden anniversaries alike. After all, anyone can make a tier system better than Boris can! So let’s go!

Tier 1: Romantic Gestures

Socks are always a great way to show a little affection without going overboard. A cap or a beanie is an awesome style accessory and something casual yet mega-useful that your fella will hugely appreciate. A teapot is a great gesture for those guys that can't do without their morning cuppa. And, if you're doggy people, then lavishing your love on your pooch is a great gesture if you don't want to commit to getting anything for each other.

Tier 2: Treats For Loved Ones

Ties are a nice way to show a bit of love for the work-side of your guy's life. Take a look through our range: we're sure there'll be something there to suit. For a more casual, distinguished look, get him a cravat to break out of the mould. Meanwhile, Truefitt & Hill are the Kings of Cologne and Aftershave - this is the perfect Valentine's gift for him and a sensuous way to show you care. A hipflask for a hip fella is an unusual and distinguished gift for any booze lover and tipple sipper. Don't forget: we've got plenty of beers, wines, whisky and spirits in store - call us up for more info, and we can leave it on the doorstep for you. For the green-fingered chap, try some Niwaki-brand tools - great quality, nifty and stylish.

Tier 3: Everlasting Love

Every guy needs a sturdy travel flask, and investing in a Stanley Brandwill set him up for life. Sure to come in handy on these cold wintry lockdown excursions. A quality wallet is a highly precious and idiosyncratic gift for a gent: browse a few and decide whether you want the hipster 'tall' style, or the standard. A Victorinox tool has it all - literally. This is an unbeatable gift for the practical chap, and great for the guy who's got it all. A Triwa  watch is the ultimate signal of undying affection - something to mark the passing of time by, with, and on. 


We're open from 11:30 - 16:30, Monday to Saturday, for Click and Collect. Drive up, park just outside and grab your gift from our doorstep. Couldn't be easier! If you need any help choosing, deciding, or looking for inspiration, don't hesitate to get in touch with Mr Regent using the contact form below. He's on hand to help with all your Valentines quandaries and queries.





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