Larmer Tree Festival

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Regent took a step in to the unknown this year and decided to take their trade stand to the Larmer Tree Festival, having always heard good things about the festival from customers and other traders, namely our good neighbour Helen Noakes. Sales weren't great but the sun was shining and lots of people were learning of who Regent are for the first time. The discovery that a jacket had gone missing on Sunday morning left Jason and Will angry and annoyed, it was last thing they expected to happen whilst surrounded by such a friendly crowd. Here is the jackets story...


"My first outing representing Regent started so well. Who could ask for more...fabulous weather, great music playing long in to the night and excellent like-minded company. All in all we were set for a good week. No one paid me or any of the jackets too much close attention in the first couple of days, who could blame them when it was so hot and sunny but we could hear the appreciation from visitors to the stand for our quality and style.

Saturday night came and the stand was locked up whilst Jason and Will went out to enjoy some of the live music on offer. I was taken without consent and found myself amongst a group of people intent on partying, no matter if they were getting cold, I had been requisitioned to help keep them warm. A few party goers showed me some care and consideration but my keepers were insistent that it was not theft but only borrowing.

When I had served my purpose I was abandoned without care in a field to fend for myself and it was only thanks to the kindness of a stranger that I was returned, a little tired, worn and crumpled to the Regent stand."

This one event tainted our experience of Larmer Tree festival and we can't thank the stranger who found and returned the jacket enough.

There were highlights too though; The Beat headlining the Big Top on Thursday evening, By The Rivers performing in the sunshine on the Garden Stage, Granny Turismo entertaining the crowds and a visit backstage for Will to the shed where the acoustic sessions for Songs From The Shed were being recorded. Regent have returned with some new products to sell in the shop too, these leather bound notebooks in three different sizes were made and bound in Mexico and came from a stand a couple of doors down who had travelled all the way from Brighton.

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