How to find yourself in a suit

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A well fitting suit is the most important garment a gentleman can own, sadly, all too often this is forgotten. Ill fitting suits which look a few sizes too big are unfortunately not uncommon. A suit can be made of the most expensive material available, but if the fit isn't correct, nobody will be able to tell.

The most important points to consider when buying a suit are the shoulders, the length of the jacket, and the cuff.

The shoulders of the jacket should fit snugly over your own shoulders, without being too tight. The length of the jacket should be roughly half of the distance from the top of your shoulder to the floor. And the cuff should finish couple of centimetres short of your thumb, allowing a centimetre or so of shirt cuff or watch to show.

Suit trousers should fit comfortably around the waist, ideally held up with braces, rather than a belt. The trousers should be slim, without too much excess fabric through the back of the thighs, or lower leg. The trousers should have a small amount of break over the shoe, too much fabric pools around the top of the foot, which can make the trousers look as though they are considerably too long for you.

Regent offers a wide range of suits off the peg for any occasion, years of tailoring experience and the ability to understand the needs of different customers has enabled Regent to develop a block that comfortably fits men of all ages. Regent also offers made to measure tailoring solutions, which ensure a perfect fit in suits, shirts and overcoats, for both ladies and gentlemen. Made to Measure products require an appointment, whereas an off the peg suit can be discussed at any time.

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