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In 1873, Lavtian born tailor, Jacob Davis came up with the idea of denim overalls, reinforced with copper rivets at points of strain. He couldn't afford to patent his idea himself, so elected to go into business with denim wholesaler Levi Strauss. Together they patented the riveted jean and the rest, is history. Almost anyone who's had a pair of denim jeans in their life, has had a pair of Levi's, the brand has an unrivalled heritage and nostalgia in America and iconic brand imagery with the famous red tag and pocket arcuate. Levi's remain hugely popular to this day, being worn the world over. With all of this heritage available, Levi's have a wealth of background to base designs on, as well as cutting edge developments in the denim world. What happens when you combine heritage design with ultra modern techniques? You get Levi's Made & Crafted range.

Levi's Made & Crafted products at regent, featuring Tack Slim jeans, Needle Narrow jeans and classic shirts.

Distinguishable from Levi's main collection by classy indigo pocket tab and leather patch, the Made & Crafted range caters for everyone, with a wide range of fits, fabrics and washes available. Regent have opted to stock the 'Tack Slim' and 'Needle Narrow' fits for SS17. Featuring a super comfortable cotton/elastane construction and flattering fit, we're confident that Levi's Made & Crafted will be universally popular and a big success story.

The waistband of a pair of Tack Slim jeans in beautiful Japanese denim

Not only does Made & Crafted offer a comprehensive range of jeans, it also offers a range of classic apparel. From shirts and jumpers to outerwear. All of Levi's Made & Crafted products are afforded the same treatment, artisanal construction, top quality fabric and beautiful fit.

Levi's Made & Crafted is available in store now, and will be online in the very near future.

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