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Do one thing well, that is the philosophy of Welsh denim brand Hiut, producing artisanal raw jeans cut from some of the best denim in the world. Hiut are a self-confessed David in the world of denim Goliaths. They freely admit they can only produce 100 pairs of jeans per working week. Where other companies can produce thousands. This is what sets Hiut apart, their dedication to quality, craftsmanship and doing one thing to the best of their ability.

Hiut Japanese selvedge denim in a regular fit.

Hiut's jeans come in two denims, a 12oz organic non-selvedge from an award-winning mill in Turkey and a 14.5oz Selvedge from legendary Japanese mill Kuroki, woven on a 1959 loom. The denims are both sold in their raw state, no washes or pre-fades. Hiut's ethos is that your jeans should be autobiographical. Each fade, crease, rip and tear should tell the story of everything you've done in them. The raw denim is a blank canvas for you to write your own story into. Each pair of Hiut jeans comes with a unique 'history-tag' hand written on the inside of the pocket, this, alongside the 'history-tag' app, allows you to keep a virtual diary of everything you've done and everywhere you've been in your jeans. Hiut describe it 'like a blank iPod being filled up with songs'.

History tag on a pair of Hiut Japanese slevedge jeans.

Cardigan in West Wales knows how to make jeans. For 30 years, 10% of the 4000 population worked in a factory, making jeans. They churnedout 35,000 pairs a week for 3 decades. Then, the factory closed. Leaving 400 people who knew how to make jeans, unable to make jeans. Hiut want to get jeans made in Cardigan again. And with all the knowledge available locally, who can blame them. With all of this knowledge and quality construction at their disposal, Hiut stand by what they make. Offering free repairs for life. With just one caveat, the jeans have to be sent back to them clean.

Hiut will be coming to Regent, both in store and online in the very near future.

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