A Look at Men's Trends for 2014

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With the London Collections: Men, Milan Menswear and Paris Menswear shows now over for the spring we wanted to look at some of the trends in menswear for the year ahead through the spring and summer, into the autumn and winter.

Comfort and informality are considered to be features of the forthcoming Winter season but the man's suit and tailoring have not been inconspicuous at these recent fashion gatherings highlighting the fact that you can always incorporate tailoring into your wardrobe.

Some trends will be fleeting but others keep going strong. So some of these trends may have been seen for the past few seasons, here's a chance to look at what you should be keeping or looking to add to your wardrobe this year.

It looked like loose trousers were making a comeback but that has all changed with slim trousers, cropped around the ankles, coming back. Think of The Beetles circa 1964 and stovepipe slacks. Regent's narrow moleskin trousers fit this bill perfectly and for the autumn they are going to be available in purple, charcoal grey and green heavyweight moleskin. Look out for mention of the colours green and grey again further on.

Regent Slim Moleskin Trousers from the forthcoming Winter 2014 Collection

Blue is back but keep the dull navy for the winter months, think crisp and vibrant hues for this summer. Proceed with a little caution though; electric blues in more than a small dose can bring back memories of Miami Vice! Regent have a broad selection of cloths on offer in different shades of blue for made-to-measure suits including some wool and mohair blends that can bring a tonal shade to your wardrobe.

Jackets, trousers and shirts in block checks and plaid suits are two trends that keep going strong. With block checks look for a wide check with a timeless base colour; black, grey or navy. It's a versatile pattern that can be easy to incorporate. At Regent we are looking forward to making a made-to-measure three piece suit in this Holland & Sherry grey checked wool pictured below. Plaids are getting bolder and louder, keep the rest of your outfit simple and let the plaid shine with a white dress shirt, solid tie and black Oxford shoes. Regent's grey Prince of Wales' checked trousers fit the bill for plaid and slim cut trousers.

Holland & Sherry Grey Block Checked Wool and Regent Prince of Wales Check Slim Trousers

The patterned shirt, whether it's a gingham check or a vivid floral, is a quick and easy way to add some punch to your look. Keep the rest of your outfit simple and let your shirt stand out. Regent have a great selection of cloths available for made-to-measure shirts which you can learn about here.

Dark greens and charcoal appeared all over the catwalks in recent shows, this autumn try mixing a variety of shades green into a tailored look or pick one standout item that you can incorporate into your wardrobe; you will find it easy to wear no matter what your style might be. Black is also back with all-black outfits seen on the catwalks, livene up with white trims d monochrome patterns.

Bold colours for the autumn are represented by the colour orange with occasional bursts of colour appearing in many shows. One of the best examples came from Hardy Amies, add some warmth to your winter wardrobe by combining a pair of amber chinos with a grey blazer.

Regent will be bringing some of these trends through in their off-the-peg collections so watch this space as new products begin to arrive. If you would prefer to carve your own path through these trends then Regent are on hand with their made-to-measure tailoring service to help create the key pieces for your wardrobe.

Image courtesy of Hardy Amies.
Grey blazer worn with orange chinos.


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