Autumn Workwear at Regent: All Change, No Nonsense

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Let’s face it, folks: we’re done with Summer. As the heat simmers down, the leaves begin to turn and a chill creeps into the air, it’s time to think about readying your wardrobe for Autumn and begin channelling that back-to-work feeling.
Autumn is an excellent time to re-think, re-group, and simmer down your style to the trustiest, hardiest outfits. It’s about stocking up against the impending cold and it’s a great time to invest in some choice pieces that’ll be sturdy and stylish, in a palette that aligns with the Regent perspective – classic, no-nonsense colours and tones that never grow old. Autumn is the season for change, revelation, resolution.
The workwear vibe is a great direction to head for: since the 1980’s this super practical, durable clothing ethos has had it’s nook in the fashion world, and at Regent we’re constantly seeking out the best brands to keep you on the cutting edge of this innovative subculture. The latest items we’re stocking from Filson are true blue American Frontier beauties, from a brand that literally started with real pioneers, striking out north toward Alaska in some of the planet’s bitterestconditions.
The clothes that have supported these folk across the decades are now available on our Tailoring Blog. we’ve searched high and low for the best quality combined with the most idiosyncratic style, and we’re thrilled to be bringing you these stunning Filson pieces. We’ve done our research, and can assure you that you won’t find a tougher, more earthily stylish set: check out the water-repellent and insulating Mackinaw Wool Cruiser in an iconic red and black plaid – its nine pockets mean you can ditch the rucksack and carry everything close to you. For those who’re gearing up for the shooting season, or are looking for a unique style signifier
accompany them in the country, pop by and chuck on the Mackinaw Wool Vest: perfect, practical and resilient. To ace the workwear aesthetic, try the Tin Cruiser: an absolute beauty of a tan jacket that sums up our ready-for-the-change mantra: excellent autumnal colour, stylish in town or country, and tough stuff to withstand the weather.

Another new brand we’re incredibly proud to stock is Armor Lux, who’re just right for bridging the Summer-to-Autumn transition with a series of incredibly-made, high-quality, nautical-inspired items. We stock Armor Lux because they are a unique and iconic heritage brand who’ve kitted out all the do-ers of France, from railway workers to trans-Atlantic sailors, in eco-certified organic cotton woven amongst their 85 circular knitting machines and control-tested to within in an inch of perfection. We’ve got our hands on a terrific array of Breton striped shirts in excellent Autumn colours. The stripy style originated so that sailors and fisherman could be seen easily in the roughest of weathers and toughest of swells, and here at Regent we’re proud to be putting these stripes to work for you so that you stand out in from the sea of people and drab, standard high-street fashion. We’re experts on both Filson and Armor Lux, and are excited to talk you through their stories further if you pop into the shop, or want to message us via email or Instagram

We’ve also got t-shirts aplenty to get you started off on your change, including our brand new vinyl skull tshirts spun from organic cotton, which’ll feel perfect underneath a Peregrine knitted jumper, in a beautiful glowing umber for Autumn camouflage. These’ll work wonderfully with any of our beautiful Edwin Jeans, which are the perfect, stormy, mysterious alternative to your standard high-street pair – get on board with Edwin because they’re pioneers of Japanese Denim. In fact, take a gander at our top floor, where you’ll find everything you need for your Aumtumnal Re-Shuffle, plus more (what workwear look would be complete without the timeless, iconic, original French workman's jacket, done to perfection by Vetra…)

Drop in to Regent soon and prepare for the next six months in a fun, practical and stylish way that’ll leave you well protected against the winter blues.

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